What Is Kasi Menu Deliveries ?
  • We are a 100% South African start-up providing three different delivery services.

Courier on demand
  • We bring you everything you want, when you want it, where you want it.

Home meal deliveries
  • We are a partner of formal restaurateurs.

High volume local food delivery network
  • We are a partner of informal restaurateurs.

How Does It Work?
  • You can order on the site or via the Kasi Menu Deliveries application, available on IOS and Android. Creating your account will be necessary to optimize orders with your previously saved information. You can browse menus from some of your favourite restaurants which are partners with us or use the General Delivery Feature on the App to specify your specific order from some of the restaurants that hasn’t signed up with us yet

    Once your product or meal has been ordered, we put delivery agents directly in touch to bring you your order. You can also schedule your delivery to the place of your choice and at the time you want.

Do I Have To Add A Tip To The Driver?
  • Tips are absolutely not mandatory and are 100% optional to you as a customer. You will therefore be able to evaluate the quality of the service directly after submission.

What If I Am Not Available To Receive My Order?
  • In the case of your absence, you can send us an alternative address to us or communicate directly with the driver giving instructions on alternative delivery address and recipient. This allows us to deliver your order to the person of your choice.

What If I Want To Change An Order? How Can I Report My Food Intolerances?
  • For most of the meals you can order on our application or site, you will have the possibility to add specific instructions beforehand to our couriers or directly to the restaurant owners. However, once an order has been submitted for preparation it can’t be modified

Can I pre-order traditional foods a day in advance?
  • We do have an option to schedule your delivery which allows you to place your order well in advance, at least 2 hours ahead of time

How Long Would It Take You To Deliver Our Orders?
  • We try to satisfy our customers as much as possible by offering the best reactivity on the market. We deliver your products in small volumes in less than 1 hour and the largest products in less than 2 hours

Does Kasi Menu Deliveries adhere to all safety precautions required to ensure the safety of customers during the Covid19 pandemic?
  • Kasi Menu Deliveries will ensure the safety of our drivers and customers at all times by adhering to regulations set by the government and the World Health Organisation.

Contactless delivery
  • In support of social distancing, all Kasi Menu Deliveries will be contactless. Our drivers are instructed not to make physical contact with any customers and to maintain a safe distance. Bags will be placed on a surface indicated by you, the driver will then back away and allow you to pick up your order yourself.

Hygiene Practices
  • Our drivers are well educated in the guidelines set by WHO. All drivers have access to hand sanitiser with clear instructions to sanitise their hands before and after each delivery or collection. Regulated masks have been rolled out for all drivers with strict instructions that they are to be worn at all times.